The impermeable film has a resistive barrier to moisture, water and oxygen thereby preventing the corrosion of metal and concrete surfaces. It is intended for the protection of surfaces exposed to permanent and temporary effects of moisture and water, such as vessels or objects buried in the ground, caissons, ballast thanks. On sandblast surface on the coating can be applied directly without primer in thicknesses up to 220 microns. Resistance is very good in solution of acids, alkalis, inorganic salts, fat (vegetavle, animal and mineral origin), MOIST GASES (HYDROGEN SULPHIDE) It is used in thermal and nuclear power stations, shioyards, overflow dams at hydroelectric power stations and canals, in petrochemical, chemical and metal industries.

Epoxy system is designed based on selected epoxy resins with high resistance to water, industrial gases, salts, asids, bases, fuels, lubricants and hydrocarbons in general. This system is successfully used to protect industrial plants, ships in the river and sea transport as well as for the protection of concrete in chemical and other industries. It is applied as basic, intermediate and final coating, depending on the required level of protection. The final coatings mixed according to RAL/NCS and other color sharts according to customer.

Reference: For larger project requirements, we recommend that you sugglst we protect our technology , depending on the factors of the enviorment in which it performs the necessary protection and service life of the coating, according to ISO 12944.

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