Two-component polyurethane coatings are made on the basis of appropriate resins (polyols) and hardener (polyisocyantes). This system provides maximum corrosion protection in facilities where it requires a high resistance to the effect of a large number of organic solvents. In addition to high chemical resistance polyurethane system has excellent mechanical and aesthetic characteristics so that is a big use in railroads cars (passanger, freight wagons and trucks) for the protection of container, machine tool, waterways and other objects. It is characterized by high hardness, elasticity, abrasion resistance, high gloss, resistance to UV radiation and withstands high temperature variations.

For larger project requirements, we recommend that you sugglst we protect our technology, depending on the factors of the enviorment in which it performs the necessary protection and service life of the coating, according to ISO 12944.

Poliuretanski sistem velika