On the production line master batches you want to introduce a new generation of white master batches known as CC Master. Cinkarna Celje dd it is known primarly for the products of white pigment titanium dioxide (TiO2) With the new type of TiO2 are able to priduce a masterbatch by mixing pigment and polymer without additional additives and waxes, which are the most common cause of manufacturing problems and consequently , weaker quality is the finaly product. With the use of a new generation of CC masterbatches offer:
1.Improved dispersion of pigment titanium dioxide, which are homogenus distribuited troughout the matrix polymer.
2.Improved liquid masterbatches, which are better linked to the basic polymer, and this achieve a substantialy homogeneus mass
3.Improved coverage, whiteness and brightness of the final product.
4. Savings based on projections less energy consumption and operating temperatures.
5. Increased output of the final product due to shorter production cycles and reduced the number and lenght of cleaning the extrude. Production program CC Master bassed on low density polyethylene (LDPE) on the basis ot he linear LDPE (LLDPE) based on polyproppylene (PP) on the basis of polystrene (PS) using the masterbatches for mass dyeing of polyolefin polymers, in technologies for processing polymers, like spraying. Blow molding, extrusion, molding… in all branches of the economy, packaging industry, construction, electronics, household products…

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