Alkyd and modified alkyd metal coatings are used to protect structures placed in enviorments that are characterized by low chemical aggressiveness. This system achieves a grat or glazed surface, with used both for the protection of exterior and interior surfaces for protection. Alkyd coating s are not applied thick film in one application it is recommended to apply several thin layers to avoid defects that occur during drying of the film. In normal conditions drying alkyd coating is 24h while alkyd modified metal coatings dry to the touch 20-30min. Coatings mixed according to RAL,NSC and other color charts according to customer.

For larger project requirements , we recommended that you suggest we protect our technology, depending on the factors of the enviorment in which it performs the necessary protection and service life of the coating all according to ISO 12944.

Alkidni i modifikovani alkidni-brzosušivi premazi velika