Metalex KCM

Metalex today occupies a leading position in the region and has provided a steady growth in market share.

The distribution network and manufacturing sector

2010 began to intensivity investment to develeopment of distribution network and the manufacturing sector.

Retail and Distribution Network

Recognizing a need, but also an obstacle to BiH market Metalex of 2002 by 2010 simultaneosly developing retali and distribution network.

The intensive development of trade activities

By year 1997. The development of the intensive tradwe activities is on opening a new sales center in Prnjavor, then in Derventa, Doboj.

The establishment of small-craft shop

The foundations of our company date back to 1978th. the estabilishment of small craft shop in the family house of owner. The company Metalex is the oldest private company in Prnjavor and also one of the oldest companies in the BiH.